How InstaVoice can Tackle the Problem of “Intermediate Providers” in the Rural Call Completion World?

Aretta is miserable because her father, Abeo, who works in Lagos, eleven hours from their village, has not been receiving calls. She has won a painting competition today, and cannot wait to break the good news to him. However, despite thirteen attempts, Abeo does not return any of his daughter’s calls. A wave of dejection swamps over her and she decides to avoid human contact by climbing the tallest tree behind their house.

Never Trust a Monday Traffic without InstaVoice

It is a busy morning and Lisa is running late for an important meeting with her clients. Traffic jams during rush hours are a nightmare, and the light drizzle is turning into a shower. If only she had left home a little earlier!

In a matter of seconds, torrential rain starts drumming against the roof of her car. The street begins to clog, further delaying the vehicles. Lisa cannot see through the commotion or figure out the source of this jam.

Never Miss a Call Again!

Mohor arrives at the Hong Kong International Airport. He has a 9-hour long layover before the next flight to New York. His initial urge was to find a comfortable spot with good Wi-Fi access. However, he decides to make a quick tour of the city instead.

How Call Completion Apps Can Help Boost Operator Revenue

We all make calls, including missed calls, sometimes when we run low on talk-time and sometimes just to remind the other party. Often, calls do not go through when the called party does not answer, is busy on another call, is off-line or unavailable, actively disconnects the call, or is in a place with bad network coverage.

How a Completion Call App Saved Rita from Being Deported

It is a breezy summer day. Rita is strolling through the cobblestoned streets of Central Amsterdam. A bustling space filled with novel architecture, vibrant shops, whizzing cyclists, alluring canals, and lots of happy faces. No Sunday could get better.

7 Compelling Reasons Why You Need CPaaS

Besides sales, companies continuously strive to deliver the best experiences to their customers. A crucial part of this exercise is maintaining unbroken internal and external communication, but how often do we convey our strategic vision each time we deliver something? Are we sending out the right messages through every point of contact and execution?

We may have the best processes at work, but without contextual communication the scope of customer engagement is limited. This why we need CpaaS.

What is CpaaS?