How a Completion Call App Saved Rita from Being Deported

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It is a breezy summer day. Rita is strolling through the cobblestoned streets of Central Amsterdam. A bustling space filled with novel architecture, vibrant shops, whizzing cyclists, alluring canals, and lots of happy faces. No Sunday could get better.

Rita walks past a canal lined with quaint coffee shops. A place called “The Gouda” catches her fancy. She enters and takes a table facing a glass panel and orders a cup of blended coffee. In between long sips, Rita stares down the street and observes the medley of tourists bustling past. A young couple is leaning by a handrail on the bridge. She wonders what place they belong. Something prompts her to dig into her handbag to check for her passport. She misses a heartbeat when she finds it gone. Her flight is in five hours.

Rita abandons her coffee and darts out of the cafe. After paying the bill, she frantically attempts to call her hotel only to realize that she didn’t bother to saving their number. There had been a miscommunication at the reception during checkout, which led her to forget the passport at the counter.

Confused and haggard, she enters the cafe again and takes the same table. It is time to think steadily.

After blankly staring at the phone for a few seconds, an app catches her attention. It shows three missed call notifications from an unknown number. Rita’s colleague had suggested her to download InstaVoice, an app that offers multiple call completion services. It lets the user receive voicemails and missed call notifications if they are either busy or out of network coverge. It becomes evident that the Hotel receptionist had tried calling her. When the call could not get through probably due to poor network, InstaVoice detected it and sent her the missed call notification via restaurant Wi-Fi.

Hoping that the unknown number belongs to her hotel, Rita dashes to the counter and requests to borrow the cashier’s phone, which he gladly offers. The first call attempt is successful, and a familiar voice greets her. It is Markus, the receptionist with whom she had an argumerment during checkout. Rita guiltily remembers slamming the rooms keys on his desk, and clearing her throat explains the situation.

“Hello, Mevrouw Rita. I have your passport intact. Do not bother coming down to the hotel because you do not know the shortcut. Our attendant will bring your passport in 15 minutes. Enjoy your coffee!”

With a broad smile, Rita closes the dialer. The passport will be here in less than half an hour, and there is ample time for lunch. InstaVoice has saved her day. She explores further and finds a panel for voicemail services. Rita is excited to know that she no longer has to dial shortcodes and listen to an automated voice to access voicemails. The dashboard is just like any chat interface. Moreover, the app does not depend on SIM cards. It can work anytime, anywhere across any device that has the app installed. All you need is a WiFi or any internet service provider, and an account.

Somebody clears his throat, and Rita turns around. It is the hotel’s young attendant holding out her passport. Before she can thank him, the boy takes out what looks like a credit card from his shirt pocket. It also belongs to Rita!

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