InstaVoice Ring

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InstaVoice Ring

InstaVoice Ring is Kirusa’s unique call-completion service that sends a missed call to the called party when the person trying to call or text, has zero prepaid balance.

Connect via a Single Missed Call

InstaVoice Ring detects a subscriber’s declined call attempts due to insufficient balance and auto-initiates a missed call to the called party.

Companion App with Flexible Architecture

Available as a companion app on smartphones (with iOS, Android and Windows platforms), InstaVoice Ring offers a flexible architecture for quick carrier-integration. Operators can use it with customized branding and benefit from the additional revenue via the call-backs made by the called party. Operators can also enjoy a range of features from InstaVoice Ring such as analytics dashboard, promotional content integration and business rules for fraud prevention. Kirusa’s services are built around the core principles of telecommunication and enable every user to make the most of their mobile. With its distinct call completion solutions, Kirusa seeks to deliver a flawless calling experience.