7 Compelling Reasons Why You Need CPaaS

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Besides sales, companies continuously strive to deliver the best experiences to their customers. A crucial part of this exercise is maintaining unbroken internal and external communication, but how often do we convey our strategic vision each time we deliver something? Are we sending out the right messages through every point of contact and execution?

We may have the best processes at work, but without contextual communication the scope of customer engagement is limited. This why we need CpaaS.

What is CpaaS?

By definition, Communication Platform as a Service or CPaaS is a cloud-based delivery model that allows organizations to add real-time capabilities such as voice, video, APIs, etc. Following are the ten reasons as to why businesses need CpaaS.

In conclusion, CPaaS is a must-have in today’s highly competitive environment.

  • Contextual Communication: In a highly competitive digital universe, customers are using various channels of communication, and these channels are no longer exclusive. Switching to a different channel right after the transaction creates a loss of context for the customer. Whereas, a unified interface sustains the engagement with your brand.
  • Secure Communication Channel: Every business needs to have a communication channel that is compatible with their processes and infrastructure. CPaaS enables a smooth flow of information inside and outside the Organization.
  • Embedded Communications: CPaaS optimizes workflows and business processes by integrating capabilities such as video and voice through APIs.
  • Cost-effective: The CPaaS market is flooded with high demand because it supports scalable communication features without relying on high-cost infrastructure.
  • Real-time Capabilities: With the emergence of data analytics, users can boost their workflow with user engagement metrics.
  • Leeway for Small Businesses: Smaller organizations are at par in the race to provide the best communication experience to their users, owing to the increasing affordability of CPaaS portals.
  • Cross-functional Property: Considering that Big Data and AI have become critical components of communication. They support numerous app and upgrades making CPaaS smarter. Automated self-service provide more leverage giving CPaaS the potential to work across sectors.

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