Why you can’t do Without a Cloud-based Call Completion Service?

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It is 12 o’ clock in the noon and Lisa is trying to reach Jay’s number. She has scheduled an important client meeting at 2 pm which Jay cannot afford to miss. Lisa does not want to review the reports without Jay’s insights. Unfortunately, all she can hear is an automated voice which tells her that his number is switched off. Lisa gets worried. She doesn’t know that Jay is using a different SIM card today.

Meanwhile, Jay is attending an internal meeting inside a basement room. The basement is unpopular amongst his colleagues because of the poor network coverage there. Almost everybody including Jay has missed a call or two down at the basement. However, Jay is not worried about missing any calls today because he has installed the InstaVoice App. He will know if anybody is trying to reach him even without any network in the basement.

At one point, Jay feels his phone vibrating, and takes a glance. He sees three missed call notifications and a voicemail, all of them from Lisa.

Not a single bar on the network, yet he manages to get them on the InstaVoice app via basement WiFi. Assuming that Lisa has something important to convey, he opens the app and views the panel containing all missed call and voicemail notifications. Not wanting to disrupt the meeting, he converts the voicemail from Lisa into a text message and reads about the urgent review at 2.

The meeting ends in the next 15 minutes, and Jay exits the basement. He immediately calls Lisa and informs her that he will be at the review. Lisa is surprised to hear from him. She was almost preparing for a solo review.

Jay tells her that he is indeed, carrying a different SIM card today but managed to get the notification because of the InstaVoice app. It lets him link up to 10 numbers, and he can receive unlimited missed call and voicemail notifications for every number. The app enables call forwarding whenever a caller tries to reach him.

Lisa is impressed and decides to install the app on her phone. It takes her two minutes, and she links three of her numbers on the InstaVoice account. The third number has been lying unused since the day of her graduation, because it belongs to a very slow network, and she has encountered call termination on several occasions. All kinds of call problems occurred while she was using it. The call completion ratio of the network carrier is notoriously skewed.

The moment her InstaVoice account goes active, she receives a string of notifications, about 35 from this old number. Most of them are missed call alerts from people she knew in college. Lisa feels guilty for not staying in touch. She scrolls down and sees five voicemails from Drake, a boy she liked in college but never dared to approach. It seems like he has been trying to reach her for the last eight months, the amount of time it has been since the graduation. She opens each voicemail to find that he had sent her several messages that never got delivered. He had sent them to suggest a few dates, and when she did not respond, Drake resorted to voicemails. [1] 

A few days later, Lisa receives a voicemail via InstaVoice from Drake, a boy she liked in college but never dared to approach. Surprised, Lisa wonders how he got hold of her number when they haven’t spoken since graduation. She opens it and hears Drake asking if she has moved out of town. In case she is still around, Drake would love to invite her to his new Lounge bar.

Upon further pondering, Lisa realizes that Drake had originally sent the voicemail to her old college number. If that happens to be the case, he must have tried reaching her several times in the past too. Luckily, when Drake dialled her number this time, InstaVoice would have prompted him to leave a voicemail. Considering that all her are numbers are now interlinked over the InstaVoice account now, Lisa can seamlessly receive missed calls and voicemails on her device.

Lisa heartily thanks InstaVoice and its makers. She decides to keep the cloud-powered call completion app knowing that it would never let her miss another call or message.

After the voicemail has ended, Lisa checks her schedule for the evening. She has no plans after the client review. A glass of wine at Drake’s Lounge bar sounds lovely.sssss

The product doesn’t work this way. Voicemails and missed calls that came before InstaVoice was activated, wouldn’t show up in the app.

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