How Call Completion Apps Can Help Boost Operator Revenue

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We all make calls, including missed calls, sometimes when we run low on talk-time and sometimes just to remind the other party. Often, calls do not go through when the called party does not answer, is busy on another call, is off-line or unavailable, actively disconnects the call, or is in a place with bad network coverage.

No matter what our reasons are, the stakes remain the same for mobile network operators because they provide the necessary infrastructure whether we end up talking or not.

Hence, for all the resources and technical steps (including verifying the authenticity of your number, checking availability, balance, etc.) it implements to connect you to another user, an incomplete call can become a debacle for the network provider.

Therefore, let us understand the features of a call completion app called InstaVoice, which not only benefits the user but also taps the lost revenue of operators.

  • First, InstaVoice provides a call management dashboard for users to keep track of their missed calls when they were busy, unreachable or if their mobile was switched off.

  • Users can link multiple numbers over a single InstaVoice account to access missed call alerts and chats from various devices.

  • InstaVoice can convert your voicemail to text messages with its voice-to-text transcription engine.

  • Sent something in haste? No problem! With InstaVoice, withdraw outgoing voicemail sent from the app. Once withdrawn, the voicemail is deleted from the recipient’s device.

  • Meanwhile, it also works across feature phones, and users can manage their missed calls and voicemails via SMS through subscriptions.

Subsequently, operators derive the following benefits.

  • Missed call alerts also increase the average revenue per user or ARPU by increasing the overall message revenue (in the case of feature phone users).

  • It reduces customer churn by enhancing the user experience, thereby boosting retention and customer loyalty.

  • For business users, call completion platforms can be further beneficial for advertisements, wherein they can avail the whitespace on missed call alert SMSes for promotions.

  • Operators can also use the platform to brand themselves and provide a customized interface to their subscribers.

Call Completion apps like InstaVoice are meeting the needs of consumers and operators by providing innovative missed call, voice SMS, VAS solutions in Ghana, infotainment services in Ghana, infotainment solutions in Ghana, infotainment solutions in Nigeria.

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