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Mohor arrives at the Hong Kong International Airport. He has a 9-hour long layover before the next flight to New York. His initial urge was to find a comfortable spot with good Wi-Fi access. However, he decides to make a quick tour of the city instead.

Aboard the public tram, Mohor begins his journey visiting the Victoria Peak and continues with Sheung Wan, Soho, etc. along the way. While ticking the major attractions off his bucket list, he remembers an urgent client call scheduled at 4 pm. It is 15 minutes to go according to his phone, and he recalls that the original SIM card is buried deep in his suitcase. He blames himself for configuring the US SIM card too early. There is no way he can get back to the Airport Cloakroom now.

Although the tram has free WiFi, he cannot find any numbers in his emails or messages. Mohor begins to panic and cannot process the situation any further. It is only a few seconds to 4 PM when a “beep” takes him by surprise. It happens to be a voicemail notification from some number that begins with +44. Yes, somebody from the UK has been trying to reach him, and the voicemail has arrived on InstaVoice, a call completion app.

He opens the voicemail and hears the client’s familiar voice asking if he was free because his number is currently switched off. After returning the call and having a long chat, he realizes what just happened. The InstaVoice app is capable of receiving missed call and voicemail notifications on his device even without the original SIM card. Only yesterday, he had downloaded it on a friend’s insistence.

Mohor takes a keen interest in the app and studies its features while in the queue to board his next flight.

How InstaVoice Works

He opens the app and understands that InstaVoice is primarily a call completion app which overcomes call termination. It enables call forwarding in case somebody has been trying to reach him and his number is out of coverage or switched off. All he needs is a good internet connection.

Upon exploring further, he finds a panel for voicemails and voice messages. Mohor is excited to know that he no longer has to dial shortcodes and listen to an automated voice to access his voicemails. The panel is just like any chat interface. All in all, InstaVoice is also a wonderful medium to manage your chats.

However, he discovers the best bit with the realization that the app does not depend on SIM cards. It can work anytime, anywhere across any device that has the app installed. All you need is WiFi or any internet service provider, and an account. It is the perfect companion if anybody is traveling and cannot carry multiple SIM cards.

An old lady prods his shoulder and Mohor snaps out of the phone. He has been in the same spot for 30 seconds blocking the queue. Seeing that everybody before him has boarded, he dashes past the security, gets his pass stamped and buckles up for a SIM-less experience!

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