Never Trust a Monday Traffic without InstaVoice

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It is a busy morning and Lisa is running late for an important meeting with her clients. Traffic jams during rush hours are a nightmare, and the light drizzle is turning into a shower. If only she had left home a little earlier!

In a matter of seconds, torrential rain starts drumming against the roof of her car. The street begins to clog, further delaying the vehicles. Lisa cannot see through the commotion or figure out the source of this jam.

All of a sudden, it strikes her that there is no way of getting on time because none of the vehicles are moving. Now is the time to call Liam, her client and explain the situation. Lisa takes out her phone, dials the number and waits in anticipation. Only static! An inaudible automated voice indicates that the call cannot get through.

Ten call attempts and ten minutes later, the downpour is still persistent, and the water level rises further. With the other car drivers cursing behind her, Lisa is getting frantic. The network bars are complete on the phone, yet she cannot get through.

She jumps with a start when the phone begins to ring. It is Liam! How has he managed to reach her? Lisa takes the call and apologizes for the delay. She explains the waterlogged streets, heavy traffic and the unlikelihood of reaching anywhere today.

Little does she know that only moments ago Liam was going berserk in the backseat of his car. The delay was making him impatient and he had several arguments with the driver. Morover, he had forgotten to save Lisa’s number was hoping that she would herself make a call.

The call never arrived but he instead got a missed call notification via InstaVoice, a call completion app that can link up to 10 numbers and allow him to receive unlimited missed call and voicemail notifications for each one of them. The app also enables call forwarding whenever a caller tries to reach him.

Therefore, Liam was cursing at the car standing infront of his when he felt the phone vibrate and checked to see quite a few missed call notifications from an unknown number. Assuming it could only be Lisa, he promptly returned the call.

Relieved and surprised, Lisa mentions the difficulty she had trying to reach him. Liam tells her how he had indeed, lost her number and how the InstaVoice app had helped. Lisa is impressed and decides to install the app on her phone.

After realizing that the traffic is impossible, they agree upon a postponement.

After a while, the rain stops, but the traffic is still immobile. With no meetings to rush toward, Liam gets down of his car to stretch some muscle. He thoroughly scrutinizes the car standing ahead of his, which he had been cursing all this while. His eyes drift to the driver’s seat, and Liam is astounded to realize that he had been cursing at Adzo all along.

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