How Does VoIP Work

In a previous article, we discussed the advantages of VoIP or internet calling. We found that it is slowly becoming the norm amongst telecom carriers, owing to affordable infrastructure, mobility, and wide-ranging features.

Now, have you wondered how VoIP works and how businesses can also benefit from this system? How is it that technology is gradually transforming voice communication?

In this article, we will understand the mechanism behind Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP and explain how you can benefit from it.

What is VoIP?

Making it Easier to Connect despite no Mobile Network

It is nine-thirty in the morning, and Rashid is waiting to board his next flight for a meeting. The two-hour-long layover allows him to revise a presentation he has made for the client. Halfway through refining the slides, a notification distracts him. It is an urgent email from the client. Rashid is surprised to find that today’s meeting requires him to present a customer analysis data. The client’s CEO, an avid data fan, has arrived unannounced and will be joining the meeting.

The Onslaught of OTT

the ott onslaught

Experts say that Year 2010 was the highest point for the SMS industry, with an estimated 3.5 billion active users (source: wiki). At that time, about 80 percent of all mobile subscribers largely depended upon the traditional messaging service provided by telecom operators.

The Technology Paradigm Constituting the Mobile Ecosystem

A recent GSMA report features that two-thirds of the world’s population are now mobile subscribers. Approximately 5 billion people have a mobile connection while recognizing its potential as a versatile platform to access global mobile solutions and technologies.



The State of LTE in 2017

illustration of connectivity

According to a recent report by Ericsson, more than 540 million people would have switched over to a VoLTE network by the end of 2017. With LTE on the rise, the telephone ecosystem is propelling towards new growth zones.