Somtel and Kirusa Partner to Launch Unlimited Calling to and from Somalia

Somalians living abroad can purchase a local Somalia number on which they can receive and make unlimited calls for $14.99 a month

Hargeisa, Somalia, and New Providence, New Jersey, July 29, 2019: Somtel, a leading telecommunications company from East Africa, and Kirusa, a global leader in communication solutions over data networks, today announced the launch of Somtel ReachMe, the first-ever unlimited calling package to Somalia, making it easy and affordable for Somalians living abroad to stay in touch with their friends and family in Somalia. The Somtel ReachMe service enabled using Kirusa’s InstaVoice ReachMe app, also provides a local Somali number, so that family and friends living in Somalia can call them by dialing a local Somali number.

The Somtel ReachMe service is priced at $14.99 per month, which can be paid through the Apple or Google store. There is an introductory free trial offer of one week so that users can experience the service before paying. The Somtel ReachMe service provides phenomenal value to the Somali diaspora who frequently call family and friends back in Somalia, with a monthly rate that costs less than one hour of calling using traditional international calling packages.

InstaVoice Reachme is a smartphone app available for iPhones and Android phones, that allows users to roam inexpensively, and to purchase numbers, called ReachMe Numbers, from Somalia and certain other countries. To purchase local Somalia numbers with unlimited calling to and from Somalia, users can follow the steps below:

  • Download the InstaVoice ReachMe App from Google Play store or Apple App store
  • Register with and validate your existing mobile number (e.g., A person living in the USA, can register with his/her US mobile number)
  • Choose the option to buy a number and select Somalia as the country
  • Pick your desired Somtel number from the list of available Somalia numbers. Further, view the details of the monthly subscription plan
  • Click on subscribe and you are all set to start using the Somtel number from within the ReachMe app

After subscribing to the Somtel ReachMe service, the user can immediately start using the ReachMe app for making calls to any Somtel number in Somalia (including Puntland and Somaliland). Further, they can share their number with friends in Somalia, who can call the Somtel number as a local call. When someone in Somalia calls the number, the ReachMe app on the user’s phone will ring, and the user can pick up the call and speak. The unlimited calling is subject to a fair usage policy suitable for personal use.

Inderpal Singh Mumick, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Kirusa said, “We are happy to partner with Somtel to make it easy and affordable for the millions of Somalia diaspora to stay in touch with friends and family back home. Users can purchase Somalia numbers, make unlimited calls to Somalia, and receive unlimited calls, at a fixed price, without the risk of bill shocks.”

Salah Mokhtar, CEO of Somtel said, “We are proud to partner with Kirusa to solve the problems that Somalian diaspora is facing to call Somalia. We selected Kirusa for their patented technology, excellent voice quality, and scalability and reliability of their platform.By launching the service in less than sixty days from setting up our partnership, Kirusa has surpassed our expectations. We expect to innovate several interesting products together for the Somali market.”

Targeted at the diaspora and international travelers, Kirusa’s InstaVoice ReachMe app allows users to roam easily and inexpensively, and to purchase virtual foreign numbers. Currently, numbers are available from the US, UK, Canada, and France, with Somalia being the latest addition to the list. ReachMe uses a multi-ID architecture, allowing up to 10 virtual numbers to be linked to an account and used on any device.


Kirusa joins Google's program for RCS Business Messaging (RBM)

Barcelona, February 25, 2019: Kirusa, a global leader in communication solutions over data networks for consumers and enterprises, today announces its foray into enterprise RCS solutions with Google's Program for RCS Business Messaging. As a part of the program, Kirusa has built an RBM Agent for Orange, a leading mobile telecommunications operator, to showcase the Orange Célébrité service, a popular celebrity content service, for RCS users. Using the rich media capabilities of RCS, the Orange Célébrité application will dramatically simplify and enrich the content discovery and delivery experience for Orange subscribers. At the on-going Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, Kirusa will be showcasing a demo of the application at the GSMA Innovation City.

Touted as the next generation native messaging evolution, RCS is an update to SMS, offering features for enhanced smartphone messaging such as high-resolution photo & video sharing, location sharing, group chats, read receipts, etc., all of which are not available on SMS. For consumers, RCS opens up the possibility of rich media interactions with any other mobile subscriber using the native messaging app on the phone. Enterprises, on the other hand, are opened to an opportunity to engage with their smartphone customers, providing a richer and interactive brand experience.

Taking the lead to transform enterprise messaging experiences on Android with RCS, Google launched its Rich Business Messaging (RBM) Early Access Program in 2017. The Program aims to help enterprises build agents that take advantage of RCS features and engage with their audiences better. Google has been playing a significant role in marshaling the adoption of RCS across the globe. As per GSMA, RCS has been launched by 65 operators in 46 countries, and over the next 12 months, GSMA forecasts additional launches by more than 40 new operators in 30 countries.

Speaking on Kirusa’s foray into RCS, Inderpal Singh Mumick, Founder & CEO, Kirusa said, “RCS is a potent tool for carriers and enterprises alike to catapult quality of mobile conversations. It has been an amazing journey with Google on the Early Access Program, and we are thrilled at the opportunity of developing RBM agents to solve key enterprise challenges. Carriers, as early adopters, have a role to play in popularizing enterprise adoption of this service. Our partnership with Orange to transform content services like Orange Célébrité sets our plans in motion, and we are gearing up for an MWC filled with several such dialogues. RCS adds a new data channel in Kirusa Konnect- our omnichannel messaging platform for enterprises.”

Enterprises or carriers looking to build and deliver RCS applications can partner with Kirusa by initiating a conversation at


Kirusa announces their foray into roaming solutions for mobile operators with instavoice reachme

Kigali, Rwanda | 17th of July 2018: Kirusa, a global leader in communication solutions over data networks for consumers and enterprises, today announced their foray into roaming solutions for mobile operators, with InstaVoice ReachMe, a smartphone app.

InstaVoice ReachMe can be easily and seamlessly integrated with mobile carriers’ existing infrastructure to circumvent current roaming infrastructure completely. A significant benefit of this technology lies in eliminating exorbitant payouts to roaming partners and passing this advantage to frequent flyers. This would allow carriers to offer low-cost roaming packages and plans to their subscribers.

This unique telephony experience converts phone calls (to the local/home mobile numbers of travelers) into Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls and vice versa, allowing users to receive and make such calls within the app. To enjoy this, the subscribers simply need to download the app and activate the desired roaming package before traveling and have an active internet connection such as Wi-Fi or mobile data to make and receive calls. Meanwhile, the experience of the party on the other side remains the same, with no requirement for the app or an active internet connection during calls.

Speaking on the update, Dr. Inderpal Singh Mumick, Founder, and CEO, Kirusa said: "Roaming teams at mobile carriers have been experiencing a severe decline in revenue as well as attach rates over the years. Expensive underlying roaming arrangements have resulted in pricing strategies that have unappealed to the masses, for the longest time. InstaVoice ReachMe disrupts this arrangement by leveraging cloud, to the benefit of operators and their subscribers“. InstaVoice ReachMe was launched as an OTT App at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018. It currently works on operators in 16 countries. Commenting on the Africa fitment of ReachMe, Mr.Mumick added: "Africa is at the brink of a telecom revolution, driven by data. Subscribers are migrating in large numbers to OTT apps such as WhatsApp while they travel. Apps like ReachMe, which are launched in partnership with carriers, are the perfect antidote to this problem. These apps are in fact the next generation telecom experiences.”.

ReachMe’s underlying technology also solves a unique case of unreachability. With a feature called ReachMe Home, mobile subscribers can receive calls to their regular numbers, but in the app, over data, when there is no or limited network coverage such as in basements or train stations.

Carriers desiring to enable ReachMe for their subscribers can contact For more information, visit


Kirusa & MTN partner to launch Roaming packs on Instavoice ReachMe app in Zambia

Kirusa, a global leader in communication solutions over data networks for consumers and enterprises, and MTN Zambia, a leading telecom operator in Zambia, today announced the launch of roaming packages within InstaVoice ReachMe app.

ReachMe provides a unique telephony experience for users, converting regular phone calls into Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls, allowing users to make or receive such calls within the app. This is useful when a mobile user is roaming, out of network coverage or on flight mode, but with an active data connection. This could be data from a local sim card, roaming data, or a Wi-Fi network.

With the launch, MTN Zambia customers can now enjoy making and receiving voice calls while traveling, at rates lesser than traditional voice roaming packages. They can also conveniently roam where MTN Zambia has no roaming partners. To take advantage of this, MTN Zambia customers can purchase the ReachMe packs within the app and enjoy low roaming rates as they travel across the globe.

Seun Soladoye, Acting Chief Marketing Officer, MTN Zambia, said: “ReachMe is a refreshing innovation that solves a pain point for our frequent flyer audience. This app is an outcome of total re-thinking of roaming, and by clever integration with the cloud, drastically minimizes our costs thereby allowing us to roll out attractive roaming packages.”

When a ReachMe call goes unanswered, MTN Zambia customers will receive Missed Call Alert or Voicemail, delivered over data. These can be accessed in the simple, visual and interactive interface of the app.

“Customers demand higher value, more convenience, and lower roaming rates, when traveling.   ReachMe delivers on this  promise with the number one network in Zambia - MTN Zambia. I’m delighted that MTN Zambia believes in the potential of voice-over-data solutions, in the context of a world that is increasingly getting connected over the cloud,” said Inderpal Singh Mumick, Founder & CEO, Kirusa.

MTN Subscribers can download the InstaVoice ReachMe App from the following link -


Consumer code of practice kirusa nigeria limited

Kirusa Nigeria Limited (Kirusa) is a Value-Added Services (VAS) provider licensed by the Nigerian communications commision (NCC) to offer value added services to the telecommunications industry. Kirusa enables our subcribers (through mobile operators) to access a wide range of services such as Kirusa chanels (Sports and Celebrity content), Insta voice Missed Call,Voicemail & Voice SMS, as well as a host of enterprise services under Kirusa Konnect. Access to these services can either be via Unstructured supplementary service data (USSD), Short messaging service (SMS) Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or flash calls.

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Kirusa Announces Launch Of SIM-less Number Store In InstaVoice ReachMe App

Users can buy virtual phone numbers from the store, and start using them immediately, while operators can leverage this distribution platform to find new customers.

In response to increasing demand from African people traveling abroad, businesses wanting to have local numbers for overseas customers, and operators looking for new avenues to maximize ARPU, Kirusa today announced the feature allowing users to buy foreign numbers from its InstaVoice ReachMe app.

These virtual numbers, called ReachMe Numbers, are now available from US, UK, Canada, and France for just US$1 a month with additional countries to follow shortly.

The numbers are available from InstaVoice ReachMe app (which can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store) and do not require any additional activation steps or physical liaison with the operator. The new numbers can be used alongside a person’s existing mobile number(s) and activated instantly. ReachMe uses a multi-ID architecture, allowing up to 20 numbers to be linked to an account and used on any device. This eliminates the need to carry additional phones to use multiple phone numbers.

After buying a +1, +44 or +33 number from the ReachMe app, users will receive calls to that number when they are connected to the internet – via mobile data from any SIMs, or Wi-Fi. When they are offline, callers can leave voicemails in the app which can be listened to when the recipient is back online.

Surinder Anand, CTO, and VP – Product Management of Kirusa said “Virtualization of numbers promises a new business stream for carriers. Expats and inbound tourists become new segments of the population that can be reached out to, increasing the size of the telecom pie. Sim-less nature of the numbers made possible by multi-ID, allows users to own several phone numbers, without the hassles of owning several phones. This incentivizes the users to buy add-on lines for each aspect of their life – one for work, one for family and perhaps one for dating! This also drastically reduces the cost of user acquisition– an important consideration in low ARPU markets like Africa. Kirusa envisages a future where users in any part of the world can buy phone numbers in any country, via ReachMe.”

InstaVoice ReachMe App was launched at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018, as a Roaming App, targeted at International travelers. Kirusa further announced the app’s ability to integrate with carrier networks, to roll-out customized roaming packages and plans for subscribers. Unlike other OTT apps, ReachMe doesn’t require both the calling parties to have the app installed. The caller’s experience remains the same as when making a regular mobile call to a ReachMe user (via the phone dialer), with no need for the app or a data connection.


Kirusa’s InstaVoice Kicks off as the first Voicemail skill on Amazon’s Alexa Platform

New Providence, New Jersey, Thursday, March 23, 2017: Kirusa, a global leader in providing telecom & social media solutions, has announced yet another first-of by presenting InstaVoice as the first Voicemail app on Alexa-enabled devices - Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot. With this latest development, users can directly access InstaVoice’s Voicemail features as part of Alexa’s myriad skill sets.

Kirusa’s InstaVoice Service provides an intuitive chat-like interface that hosts features like unlimited voicemails, missed call alerts over data, transcribed content delivery over email, option to link multiple numbers, and message withdrawal. The collaboration with Amazon integrates InstaVoice into the ‘Alexa-skills’ ecosystem. Users can configure their InstaVoice account to avail a seamless access to voicemails over Alexa Platform.

“Kirusa goes a step further in its consistent endeavor to deliver innovative, reliable, adaptable and integrated voice services.”, said Inderpal Singh Mumick, Founder, and CEO of Kirusa. “Amazon’s Alexa is a precursor to the much anticipated IOT revolution; wherein one can expect the fundamental transformation of messaging over cloud, powered by voice technology. We are looking forward to seeing the results of this combined effort, meant to enhance a user’s experience of voicemails.”

Sharing the same spirit, Surinder Singh Anand, Vice President of product management said, “I am delighted to see that InstaVoice is a frontrunner in the Alexa Skillset voice messaging environment. We are hoping that subscribers will find value in the enhanced forum and experience the engaging wave of change that connected technology promises.”

Accessing voicemails and inbox status on the Alexa platform requires the user to set up a passcode after installing their InstaVoice account. To start listening to the voicemails, one has to simply say, “Alexa, start InstaVoice.” The command is followed by a swift response from the virtual assistant, asking for the access passcode. This is followed by continuous updates on the user’s voicemails and inbox until you say “Alexa Stop.” The user can ask Alexa to skip to the next message or voicemail suiting their convenience.

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