Why Should You Spend More Time Thinking About CPaaS?

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If you are yet to adopt Communication Platform as a Service for your business communication programme, consider looking for a suitable CPaaS provider.

By “suitable” we mean a communication platform that not only offers flexible pricing but lets you take advantage of its entire architecture and adjusts according to your business model. In today’s competitive CPaaS market, you will come across myriad providers who offer numerous value propositions. However, before signing the contract with a provider, consider your strategic business goals rather than short-term propositions.

Hence, the following are five crucial points all business-owners must remember:

  • CPaaS solutions are great for certain use cases- embedding new features such as an app, video, click-to-call, voice, messaging, etc. However, in such cases, CPaaS takes on a tactical response to single-point issues, eventually spreading throughout the organization due to the lack of a strategic direction. Hence, choose a provider that offers scalability to prevent the costs and management of these services from getting out of control.
  • Ensure that the vendor has a robust API that lets you leverage your existing communication infrastructure. At the same time, organizations must be aware of their unique communication challenges, according to which CPaaS should be strategically leveraged.
  • There has to be constant interaction between the vendor-developers and those who use it, one that surpasses traditional support channels. An active user/developer community thrives on shared practices, codes, tools, and skills. Developers who are more willing to share the same with their users are more capable of implementing their features well. While application developers are critical stakeholders in the CPaaS industry, we also need to look out for the line-of-business users who do not have coding skills.
  • The CPaaS market has seen accelerating growth over the last few years. Naturally, we have several big and small players with vibrant API tools and cloud services who claim to be “disruptors.” While making your decision, examine the longevity of a potential vendor because it determines whether they have been adaptive or not.

Therefore, besides thinking about getting a platform for your business communication, there are several criteria to consider.

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