Voice SMS

Voice SMS by Kirusa added a new dimension to messaging, by adding voice to SMS capabilities. As a result, SMS has become faster, easier, and more personal without changing its inherent interoperability and ease-of-use benefits.

A Platform for Content Delivery

Voice SMS opens a new channel for carriers to deliver interactive, voice-based value-added content to their customers. Subscribers using Voice SMS can listen to their content by simply dialling a number.

A Fresh Take on Traditional SMS

Customers can also send each other Voice SMS by dialling star, followed by the recipient’s number. The recipient is notified via SMS and can listen to the message by simply dialling the designated number. It is also well suited for multilingual countries with scores of languages and script-based alphabets that make ‘texting’ more complicated with a standard Roman keypad. Voice SMS can be added to the carrier’s infrastructure with minimal impact. As a highly cost-effective solution, it does not require any changes or upgrades to the existing network, billing and messaging infrastructures. The system is designed and proven to deliver high reliability, full redundancy and seamless scalability.

To sum up, Kirusa’s proven infrastructure to handle 100 billion calls makes Voice SMS a welcome addition to carriers in emerging marketing, paving a new medium for content delivery and engagement for customers worldwide.